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Day Outing & Office Picnic

A corporate picnic may boost morale, encourage teamwork, and exhibit your respect for your employees. But these office events must take careful planning and coordination to accomplish the goals. Do you want to plan a successful office outing? There is no better way to acknowledge the efforts of your employees than by taking them out on a day outing. At My Event India, we have years of expertise for curating venue locations, games, entertainment, catering, and themes that make up for a successful outing event.

At My Event India, our event planners bring you the best picnic ideas, venues, and activities to plan the day around. With decades of experience and a proven safety record, our team of experts will handle the set-up and installation of every inflatable with utmost efficiency, ensuring you and your guests a momentous experience.

Our picnic planners are not just party planners but are specialists in walking the fine line between professional business and company parties. Our event planners specialize in team-building games and activities that engage every single guest, including their employees and families.


How do we plan your company’s team outing?


  • Plan:

    We take care of factors such as venue, budget, number of individuals involved, transport, activity planning, and so on. We are skilled and adept to meticulously plan for an organized day outing.

  • Inclusive team outing:

    A team outing must ideally be planned that caters to the common interests of all the employees. We conduct a poll on the team outing ideas the team would be interested in.

  • Choice of venue:

    We assist you in selecting a venue that is easily accessible and makes for a comfortable trip. We choose a resort or activity center that has the necessary facilities, such as a restaurant, a swimming pool, etc.

  • Meet the budget:

    We help you plan the company budget and divide it into distinct segments. All packages are tailored to the client’s specific budgetary needs.

  • Team outing planner:

    We provide a team outing planner who handles everything from team activities to food planning and makes the team’s experience easier.


Hire us for your next office day outing/office picnic


Getting your employees out of the office and having fun has always been the best way to refresh and revitalize them. After learning about your team’s needs, we’d be delighted to plan an outing. We are here to assist you in creating a team offsite that everyone on the team will remember as a fun and memorable day. And yes, we can handle every aspect of your team’s adventure for both small and large teams, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most to you. To learn more, contact us.