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Day Outing & Office Picnic

A day outing or an office picnic is a day away from the everyday monotony of corporate life. Not just this, it is an opportunity to boost teamwork and share ideas. The daily drawl of the corporate life compromises the personal lives of your employees and they might have to skip a fishing expedition with friends or a movie with family members to attend an important office meeting. Letting the steam off at such times becomes vital for a healthy attitude and motivation of your staff. Host a picnic or a day outing with My Event India, the top company picnic & day outing planner in Kolkata to instill that feeling of alacrity among your staff that had started saying goodbye!

Enjoyment, Fun and Thrill at a Go

As renowned day outing planners and the best holiday planner in Bangalore, we apply the maximum efforts to see to it that your employees get to know each other outside the work circle as well. We understand that your employees need to know how their colleagues are as human beings; and therefore, try to make arrangements that bring out the best in them.

Avail our custom-made trips that strongly emphasize on the fun and merriment you wish your staff to imbibe. Whether it is a day outing, 2-day outing, team outing or weekend getaway, our company picnic & day outing planner in Kolkata offers a holistic view enveloping the needs of all the guests. Let us know if designing exciting outings at a reasonable budget is your aim.

Do you have in mind the family members of your employees? Worry not, for our day outing planners will help you chalk out excursions for people of all age groups. As the best holiday planner in Bangalore, we will cater to all the needs of the guests and arrange for all types of games and entertainment activities. Whether it is about entertaining the children or the adults, your guests will only ask for more if we are there to handle the outing.

Just name the activities you wish to present to the employees and we will make sure that it is there. Rock climbing, chimney climbing, kayaking, zip-line, camping or such stuff are aligned as per the needs of our clients. So, make sure that your guests enjoy every moment of the outing or picnic with our office picnic management services by getting in touch with us.

Allow Us to Assist You in Planning and Carrying Through

You can give us a brief about what you have in mind. Our experts will intently listen to you and try to come up with plans to make the presentation seamless and smooth. We will assign an expert company picnic & day outing planner in Kolkatawho will look into the A to Z of the preparations and be in contact with you, for your feedback. Thanks to our wide network, we have been able to maintain a cordial relationship with several 3rd parties who eagerly help us in the procedure.

  • Choices of destinations
  • Organize catering
  • Contrive entertainment options
  • Decide on transport

Talk to My Event India’s customer care executives for quotes of our office picnic management services. Hailed as the best holiday planner in Bangalore, we will not dishearten you!