Venue & Conference

A corporate event means business. The success of any conference depends on the selection of the venue and the kind of amenities offered. The conference’s arrangements are what make it a success. Irrespective of the nature of the event, the impact is directly intertwined with the goals of the company. A corporate event such as a conference can mean anything, from the launching of a new product to a regular company meeting to discuss future goals, a function to felicitate achievers, and so much more. The venue for hosting a conference is extremely crucial. It needs to impress attendees and be equipped with the required amenities, meet the conference agenda, budget, etc.   

At My Event India, we help you find the perfect venue for your conference. We will assist you in reducing your workload and making the process as simple as possible. Through our meticulous planning and organizational abilities, we help meet business meeting requirements with ease. Our 360-degree approach provides end-to-end solutions, from sourcing the venue to negotiating the process, decoration, and a lot more.   

Our extensive experience of working with all kinds of convention centers and venues, along with our culturally savvy team, makes us adept at finding the right location to fit your objectives and expectations. We evaluate locations, negotiate the contract terms, and record all site selection activities to aid future planning. Additionally, we cover every possible detail to minimize your risks, save money, and ensure you conduct a successful business event.  



Our site selection procedure:  


  • Site inspection  
  • Sourcing venues of all natures and sizes
  • Share photographs and videos of the venue.
  • Comparative analysis of each venue  
  • Plan for safety and security  
  • Client on-site visit  
  • Contract negotiation  

Why hire us to choose the conference venue?  


  • Negotiate the best conditions, deadlines, and prices for your accommodations and venues.  
  • Maximize spending limits and reduce unanticipated costs.
  • Choose the appropriate location, venue, and service to fulfill your specific meeting needs.
  • Organize data in a single database for simple tracking, reporting, grading, and planning.
  • Overcome linguistic and cultural divides  
  • Improve your event’s return on investment  


Get in touch with our event coordinators for reliable assistance with booking a conference venue that matches your requirements.